Things to keep in mind when buying dual battery systems

If you have considered buying or investing in a dual battery system you may already have some idea of what you need it for. Dual battery system comes in handy especially if you want to run ventures or use your portable refrigerator along with additional lighting. It is also essential If you are using laptop or mobile chargers while you are camping or travelling to remote areas.

The alternator of the vehicle charges the batteries while the engine is running. When the engine is shut off the charging ceases as well. When you make use of appliances which use more than 12 volts it’s the time when the battery starts failing to start, especially when you are about to leave. In such cases it is important that you have different dual battery systems as backup.

Similarly the use of a winch can significantly drain the amps from the battery. There is no time for the alternator to replace that lost charge. A dual battery system would ensure that the winch is being run on both the batteries and you still have ample charging left for other appliances.

Make sure consider the following things when investing in a dual battery system:

  • A dual battery system has two batteries where one is the primary and the other is the auxiliary. The wires are used for charging and discharging the system and connect the vehicle system as a whole. Battery isolator would allow you to check the charge of the batteries
  • You should ensure that you are using the best batteries for a dual battery system. It is better to go for deep cycle battery instead of an auxiliary battery because they can sustain the power over longer periods of time. These are designed for repeat charging and discharge. It should be kept in mind that the deep cycle battery can be quite big in size so you would need to have ample space for it to be fitted somewhere in your vehicle.
  • These batteries are usually placed between the seats of the vehicle type or in the engine Bay. These batteries come in a variety of sizes and weights and would vary in thickness as well. This is one of the reason why the power capacity is varied for each battery type.
  • If you are investing in startup batteries you should consider the thinner plates which allow for charging to be done more quickly. On the other hand a deep cycle battery has a thicker plate so it doesn’t charge that fast. You should consider the fact that different battery is reach their full charge at a different voltage and when using a dual battery system you would need to consider the alternator and isolator battery of your vehicle.
  • Then there is also an option of using a wet cell or a dry cell battery. A wet battery gives off hydrogen gas which is an explosive vapor therefore it shouldn’t be placed anywhere where it could cause a spark.

It is best to leave the installation of a dual battery system to an expert.